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The Minnesota Building Trades have the most skilled, safe and experienced refinery workers in the state. Generations of local tradesmen and women have used their training and expertise to make the Marathon Petroleum refinery in St. Paul Park a safe workplace while contributing to the local economy and keeping the community safe. 

Unfortunately, Marathon has turned its back on community and local workers since taking over the St. Paul Park refinery in 2018. The nation's largest refiner has removed dozens of skilled local tradesmen and tradeswomen from the facility and brought in lower-wage replacement workers from out of state. 

Marathon failed us by choosing profits over people. We all want the refinery to be operated by the most skilled and safe local workers, who are paid good family-supporting wages.

Marathon failed us by replacing experienced local workers with workers from places like Texas who “don’t know what they don’t know” according to one Marathon fire mechanic. 

It's time for Marathon to listen to the people who have built and supported their success. Minnesotans cannot accept Marathon’s willingness to potentially expose workers and the community to preventable hazards.

#MarathonFailsUS is a campaign sponsored by local building trades unions to hold Marathon accountable for the impact of the company's failed outsourcing strategy on area workers and communities. 

Want to help? #BoycottSpeedway is a good place to start.