Health, Safety Personnel and Local Leaders Urge Bipartisan Action to Pass Refinery Safety Bill

Saint Paul, MN - Today, health and safety personnel with previous experience working at Minnesota refineries called on the Minnesota Legislature to pass the Refinery Safety Bill (HF984/SF634), also known as the Safe and Skilled Workforce Act.

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“Of all of the hazards and dangers for the families I represent, I put Marathon Refinery at the top of the list,” said Dakota County Commissioner Joe Atkins.

“In my community, concern over refinery safety is growing,” said Newport City Councilmember Kevin Chapdelaine. “I am very concerned that Marathon has put profits ahead of safety.”

“Oil refineries are high-haza...

Insurance Journal: 2 Injured in Hydrogen Fluoride Leak at Marathon’s Galveston Bay Refinery

The Insurance Journal (Reuters) - Erwin Seba

Marathon Petroleum Corp. is investigating what caused a toxic chemical release that injured two workers on May 4 at a Texas City oil refinery, a spokesman said, as the U.S. industrial safety watchdog also began looking into the incident.

A release of hydrofluoric acid at the 585,000-bpd refinery on Texas’ Gulf Coast prompted workers and nearby residents to take shelter indoors with doors and windows closed and air conditioning turned off before the leak was contained.

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) described the release as an undetermined amount of hydrogen fluoride, a toxic chemical that turns into a ground-hugging vapor cloud at room te...

Minnesota Public Radio: Labor-backed report finds lax safety at St. Paul Park refinery

Minnesota Public Radio - Elizabeth Shockman

Inadequate training and a lax safety culture make the Marathon Petroleum St. Paul Park refinery a danger to its workers — and potentially to the surrounding community — according to a report released Tuesday by a union group currently in the midst of a labor dispute with Marathon.

“What we uncovered was frankly scary,” said Lucas Franco, a co-author of the report.

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The St. Paul Park refinery on the Mississippi River

Star Tribune: Labor union study says St. Paul Park refinery becoming less safe

Star Tribune - Mike Hughlett

A large labor union said Marathon Petroleum has increasingly compromised safety at its St. Paul Park refinery, including dismantling part of its in-house fire department.

Marathon, which bought the refinery in 2018, bristled at the allegations, saying that its firefighting capabilities are "robust" and that it has an "outstanding safety record."

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The refinery in St. Paul Park, currently owned by Marathon Petroleum, is the oldest in Minnesota.

Reuters: Worker group alleges unsafe practices at Marathon Minnesota refinery

Reuters News Agency - Laura Sanicola

Inadequate safety standards at Marathon Petroleum's St. Paul Park refinery in Minnesota have caused avoidable hydrocarbon and chemical releases that pose a threat to the community, a local worker advocacy group said in a report on Sunday, as a lockout of unionized plant workers extends into its third month.

The report by Local Jobs North, a union-backed organization, said that lax safety standards at the plant led to mistakes that could have ignited volatile hydrocarbons. It also cited inadequate installation of safety controls for pipe repair operations and use of poorly constructed scaffolding.

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"As a firefighter, I feel this is unsafe ...

Speedway Boycott Exposes Marathon Corporation's Poor Labor Practices

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jenn Hathaway
Sunday, March 28, 2021


SAINT PAUL, MN - The Saint Paul Building Trades announced a boycott of Speedway gas stations to call attention to the labor practices of parent company Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

“Marathon’s decision to replace skilled local tradesmen and women with out-of-state workers who clearly lack the same training and local experience suggests that the company has put profits over the livelihoods of local workers and the safety of surrounding communities,” sai...