Stand With Local Workers: #BoycottSpeedway

Marathon’s decision to abandon local workers and undercut area wage and benefit standards could cost St. Paul Park and surrounding communities in the form of lost wages and economic activity. Worse, the replacement of personnel with decades of experience could end up exposing workers and community members to avoidable hazards.

Boycott Speedway

Marathon owns and supplies the Speedway chain of gas stations, and will continue to provide gasoline to Speedway stores even after the proposed sale of the chain to the owners of 7-11. That means we're putting money in Marathon's pockets every time we buy gas or a candy bar at a Speedway.

Minnesotans are asking friends and family to support businesses that support local workers, our community and a standard of safety that we’ve valued for decades.

We need your help to let Marathon and Speedway know that it’s time to abandon a failed outsourcing strategy. Take the pledge by adding your name to the list of Minnesotans supporting the Speedway boycott!

Find out how you can support local workers here.

We are appealing only to the public. We are not asking any individual to stop work, cease performing any services, or to refuse to pick-up, transport, or deliver any goods.