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The Minnesota Legislature can strengthen safety standards for refinery workers, the environment and community by passing the Safe and Skilled Workforce Act.

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Marathon Safety Analysis

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Workers say inadequate safety standards at Marathon Petroleum’s SPP refinery have caused avoidable hydrocarbon & chemical releases, & could potentially jeopardize the safety of workers & the public at large. #MarathonFailsUs #BoycottSpeedway #MNTrades

Reuters Exclusive Story

EXCLUSIVE-Worker group alleges unsafe practices at Marathon Minnesota refinery


Safety Analysis

What They Don’t Know: An Analysis of Worker and Public Safety Hazards at Marathon Petroleum’s St. Paul Park Refinery











Sample Tweets

Since 2019, Marathon has removed skilled local refinery workers and brought in lower-wage workers from out of state. Today, I stand with my neighbors and #boycottSpeedway a chain Marathon owns and supplies. I will use other gas stations. Will you?

The Marathon refinery in St Paul Park replaced skilled local workers with out of state workers. Let’s replace Marathon-owned/supplied @Speedway and buy gas at stations that support local workers. #boycottMarathon #SafeandSecureMN #MarathonFailsUs

I will #boycottMarathon and the @speedway gas stations they own. They dumped local workers, so let’s hold them accountable. We can have a #SafeandSecureMN and buy gas from stations that support local workers.

Did you know? @speedway stations are owned/supplied by @MarathonPetroCo which replaced skilled local refinery workers with lower-wage out-of-state workers. Let’s replace them with businesses that value local workers. You with me? #SafeandSecureMN #boycottSpeedway#MarathonFailsUs

Enough is enough. @MarathonPetroCo replaced skilled local workers at the St Paul Park refinery - hurting our local economy and increasing potential safety concerns. Marathon owns/supplies @Speedway stations, so I am going to shop elsewhere. #boycottMarathon #SafeandSecureMN

While Marathon replaced skilled local workers with out-of-state workers, I know we can @buildbetterMN. Let’s hold Marathon accountable for their failed labor practices, #boycottMarathon and the @speedway stations they own/supply. #MarathonFailsUs